Year of the GOAT // Continuance Part 1

“I think sometimes you need to kinda clarify and define something; to state your intentions. I wanna win a world title this year. I’m going to give it everything I got.”-Kelly Slater


So begins what is clearly a swan song for the greatest surfer of all time. It’s a quiet, beautifully shot and edited, reflective look at the people and places who shaped and supported Kelly during his long run in professional surfing. After the Continuance party in Palm Beach before the first event of the season, many of the invitees said it felt like a ‘thank you’; an acknowledgment that so many had contributed to his successful career.


It’s a quiet piece, as it should be. There’s nothing he needs to sell at this point. Personal moments with the Munro family- his Australian family, Daniel Thompson, and in his Gold Coast home are cut with commentary from Stephanie Gilmore, Kurt Munro and Kelly discussing his place on the tour, his performance, his boards, his wave; his world.


Having followed Kelly since growing up in Orlando- where Cocoa is our closets beach, it’s a bit sad to be saying good bye to this amazing competitor. Continuance makes it clear that the decision to leave weighs heavily on him too. It’s been a rich experience and no one’s quite yet ready to let go.