The planet now has one more location that has gained full status as a World Surfing Reserve. At the end of October, the land surrounding the iconic Punta de Lobos wave in Chile was transferred to the Punta de Lobos Foundation. This movement will protect conservation in Punta de Lobos forever. Last week, the community gathered to celebrate the victory years in the making.


Todavía alucinado con el gran día de ayer y toda esta semana. 🙌 🙌 🙌 Simplemente miles de gracias a todos lo hicieron posible este increíble proyecto de transformar la punta desde un terreno privado en uno de libre acceso y por siempre con todos los argumentos legales que esto implica. Muchas gracias a @patagonia por su increíble apoyo desde el día uno y confiar en este proyecto. También gracias a @jackjohnson por su apoyo incondicional toda esta semana. Y en fin a todos los que nos siguen apoyando. Por otra parte para los que todavía siguen desconfiando de este proyecto los invitamos a hablar como personas adultas y de verdad con respeto. Hablar y ser negativo por redes sociales y sin hacer nada es muy fácil. Solo el tiempo demostrará el gran impacto de este proyecto siendo hoy el único terreno de libre acceso a nuestras playas desde infiernillo hasta Cáhuil. Si este detalle es de desconfianza, bien por ellos. Seguiremos trabajando para demostrar con echos este bello proyecto. Para mi es simplemente un sueño echo realidad. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 @fundacionpuntadelobos @savethewavescoalitionkoinobori

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In 2013 Ramon Navarro learned of a real estate project that sought to take advantage of the views that dominate Punta de Lobos. The community of local surfers and fishermen joined and involved people like Patagonia, ecologists, government officials, business leaders and the Save The Waves Coalition to keep the area’s marine and terrestrial environments as intact as possible.


As Navarro himself said in a Patagonia statement, “The most important thing is what this place will be for future generations. I want my son to enjoy this place as I did, and I have learned that everything is possible when communities come together to find a common goal.”


Save The Waves Coalition led a successful crowdfunding campaign to help establish the Punta de Lobos Foundation. From there, work began to establish Punta de Lobos as a World Surfing Reserve.


There was still a lot of work to be done, since Keith Malloy made a short film entitled “El Hijo del Pescador” (The Son of the Fisherman) to help raise awareness about the problem of development in Punta de Lobos. And this past summer, Patagonia donated another $ 150,000 from its PSI vests license program. The sum did not yet reach what they needed to buy the land, so Patagonia closed another agreement and the land was finally transferred to the Punta de Lobos Foundation for protection.



It was a long but important road, which shows that conservation efforts work when they have visibility and are full of passionate people who seek to preserve what nature has given them.


As Navarro said in the Patagonia interview: “For me, this work is really about leaving a legacy, and the only way to achieve it is by being an example and protecting the places that gave me the memories that I appreciate. As a surfer, contests and trophies are good for your ego and that’s it. But saving a wave is forever. “

Surfline covered Ramon’s story last year: