The Women Take on The Bay // Waimea Bay Championship


[dropcap size=big]S[/dropcap]tarting October 1, Eddie won’t be the only one to go at Waimea. The Women’s Waimea Bay Championship will be the first big wave women’s event on the North Shore, with an open contest window from October 1 to Nov 21.


They have have an impressive roster. Big wave greats from last year’s Pe’ahi Challenge winner, Paige Alms, to Mavericks legend Savannah Shaughnessy and Ireland’s wave pioneer Eaksey Britton will face the 40’+ roar of the bay, should that swell materialize.


The website says that organizers were inspired by Queen Kuhina Nui Ka’ahumanu, a Maui-born surfer who defied gender segregation, and a mission to:

“Honor the rich culture of strong women in Hawaiian history, showcase the strength and beauty of female big wave riders, create positive role models to keep pushing the dreams of the next generation, and send a message of caring for our environment – Mauka to Makai.”



Kuhina Nui Ka’ahumanu (1968-1833) was arguably the most influential woman figure in Hawaiian history. She was the queen consort and ruled as regent of the Kingdom of Hawai’i as Kuhina Nui, the first acting Prime Minister, the pillar and cornerstone of the government. She was King Kamehameha’s first wife and trusted advisor, although they both took other lovers. She loved canoeing, surfing, swimming, board games and could handily beat a group of 20 men at checkers. She championed the rights of Hawaiian women, and abolished the kapu system, which prohibited women from participating in the same activities with men, by eating at the same table as the young King Liholiho. . . . . #queenofthebay #unsweetenedhawaiianjuice #aloha #alohaaina #kapu #womenwhosurf #waterwomen #hawaiianculture #surfhistory #northshoreoahu #bigwavesurfing #bigwavewomen #womenpioneers #womenwhocharge #aseatatthetable

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The newly-organized event is seeking sponsors. They invite those aligned with their mission to connect with them via


The full roster: