Mark Healey is sort of an anomaly to me. Equal parts frat boy and serious waterman with a rather odd sense of humor and a love of goats. -At least that’s some of what I’ve gathered from our few, brief encounters  at Turtle Bay. He recently signed on with SAXX to rep their active underwear line. They  recently produced a beautiful piece on Mark’s passion for spearfishing. (Video link above.)



As told by Mitchell Clements, February 28, 2017:


“We land in Kona Hawaii after jumping on flights from all over North America. I’m here with the SAXX production team to shoot the Oahu North Shore native Mark Healey; a big-wave surfer, award-winning spear-fisherman, free-diver, filmmaker, conservationist, Hollywood stuntman and yoga enthusiast. The focus of the shoot? What makes Mark tick as a spear fisherman.


I’ve never been spearfishing so I was interested in learning what it’s all about. After grabbing Mark from the airport, we sit down for a beer and chat about what to expect over the coming days. Our plan is to navigate our way out to some of Mark’s favorite spots off the coast of the big island, but as I’d later learn the ocean holds the unexpected.


The following day we launch from Kauai harbor at sunrise. The boat gently bobbing as we fuel up, to my surprise we’re surrounded by a group of pufferfish. “That’s not the only thing we’re going to see today,” remarks Perrin, the underwater photographer. “This time of year Humpbacks circle the coast in search of mates.”


Driving towards our destination I began to realize the ocean was teeming with life. A pod of spinner dolphins approach, throwing themselves aimlessly through the air; flying fish jump alongside the boat as we crash through the waves. Mark and Perrin both jump in for their first dive as a manta ray glides under the bow of our boat.



Once the guys are in the water there’s not much to see so I chatted with our captain, Asa. He regularly shoots with Perrin and Mark and filled me in about the live volcano on the West coast of the island that’s been spewing out lava from the cliff. If you haven’t seen it check it out here, spectacular doesn’t cut it.


As we circled the area looking for the right spot for Mark to jump in and start chumming fish, we saw a fin breach the horizon. Asa screamed “WHALE” as he turned the boat to try and catch it. Within seconds the humpback’s tail came above the surface as it dove deeper below, signalling that the chase was over. This game continued for around an hour as we were teased with the promise of getting close to the very illusory creature….Read the rest of the story-