The Last Straw // Surfrider W LA – Malibu Bar Crawl

Plastic straws of all shapes, sizes and colors are popping up everywhere from juice boxes to cocktails to unasked-for glasses of water. Collectively, Americans use roughly 500 million plastic straws daily – enough to fill up 125 school buses each day and wrap around our entire planet 2.5 times.


Join Surfrider LA for the inaugural #NoStrawBarCrawl to help raise awareness around the greatest offender of single-use plastic pollution – the plastic straw.


August 26, Saturday 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Main Street, Santa Monica


In an effort to encourage the city of Santa Monica to adopt an ordinance addressing the problem of plastic straw waste and pollution, Surfrider LA will be leading a bar crawl down Main Street on Saturday August 26th at various participating establishments.


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