The Executioner // Peter Mel’s Still Soaring

[dropcap size=big]N[/dropcap]ate Fletcher stands up on his jet ski from the safety of the channel and watches closely as a man on a dark green board strokes into a massive wave outside the bowl at Mavericks. After a perfectly executed ride (as seen at 2:30) Nate screams:

“That’s not the commissioner, that’s the Executioner!”

As is evident from Kyle Buthman’s edit of Pete Mel’s NorCal winter, the WSL commentator made the most of the off- season. From his home base of Santa Cruz, Pete took advantage of pumping waves at Steamer Lane and found some challenging opportunities at the big wave jewel of the west coast: Mavericks.


At the time, the surf community wondered why the Titans of Mavericks surf contest didn’t take advantage of a great swell and perfect conditions. It would soon come to light that the management company had filed bankruptcy amidst a pending lawsuit that included the surf contest as a financial asset.  It’s just as well. The entire community got to enjoy a fantastic couple of days instead of just watching from the channel.