#StabWin // Photolyfe // Sage Burgess

It’s VERY rare that something comes out of Stab about a woman that doesn’t include  a bikini and a sandy butt. I follow and unfollow them on a regular basis in varied stages of annoyance. I get that it’s a men’s magazine,  and I’m not their demographic, but they tend dig up a lot of content, so I keep them in my feed.


I was pleasantly surprised to see a new segment called ‘Photolyfe’ today. It’s a piece that profiles photographers by having them answer general questions with their work. Cool idea made even more appealing by profiling Sage Burgess as their first interview. Sage grew up in Montana and studied at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. About 2 years ago, she moved to San Clemente where she is a photo assistant at Surfer Magazine. It’s a great piece and I look forward to more of these from Stab.


4. Where do you wish you were right now?




5. What inspires you?




6. Who is your favorite person to photograph?


And check out Sage’s work at www.SageBurgess.com