Twenty year old North Shore surfer Landon McNamara talks big wave surfing, musical influences, and the escape he gets from doing both in the latest edition of Soul Surfers.


Son of big wave charger Liam McNamara and nephew to Garrett, Landon speaks of the inspiration and motivation his family brought into his life in this insightful glimpse into this multi-talented young surfer.


Landon has just released his debut album, A Dollar Short & A Minute Late. Within a week, it rose to the top of the Hawaiian Radio charts, and later, to number 1 on iTunes. Read more about Landon in our profile article: A Dollar Short & A Minute Late // Landon McNamara.


Photographer: Ben Thouard Red Bull Illume 2016 Category: Masterpiece Athlete: Landon McNamara Location: Teahupo’o, French Polynesia