Skyr Boys in Iceland // EARTH by Ben Weiland

If you follow Dane Gudauskas on Instagram, you might have noticed his big frosty grin sometime back in February. The Brothers Gudauskas left the warm safety of San Clemente to head out on several late winter cold water surf expeditions from Wisconsin to Iceland.



The Iceland trip was Ben Weiland’s latest foray into documenting the cold and far reaches of the surf world. Co-directed by Dane, they’re joined by Tanner, Heidar Logi, and Elli Thor on an adventure that took them into some amazing landscapes. Traversing fjords in snow mobiles and a farm tractor, the crew sets out with no plan, no communication, no surf report, and evidently, a single Skyr; checking in on remote locations just hoping something comes together.  It was an enviable trip, despite the crazy cold. The cinematography, light, editing, soundtrack and Tanner’s stills come together for a great film.