Positive Vibrations // The Gudauskas Brothers

Absolutely the nicest people I met all winter were the Gudauskas brothers. (With no intended disrespect to Steve Van Doren, who was lovely!) When I met Dane, he gave me huge hug and I wondered if maybe he thought I was someone else… like someone he  already knew. After running in to him several times over the season, I realized that’s just how he says hi; huge smile and a friendly hug. While Tanner and Patrick were a little more reserved, they were none the less smiley and welcoming when we caught up with them at a screening of their film ‘Positive Vibration’ at the Haleiwa Marketplace December 5th.




The film chronicles their efforts to donate surfboards to a small town they visited in Jamaica. Because of the high cost of shipping and material, surfboards just aren’t available on the island, but the interest was high. The brothers hoped to get a couple of coffins full of boards to take with them on their next trip and put out a call to the surf community in San Clemente. The response to their board drive was overwhelming. They ended up with some 200 plus boards that they would need a cargo container to ship.  The story is delightful and speaks to the true spirit of the  brothers and their foundation, The Positive Vibe Warriors. Hopefully it will be released soon; until then, keep an eye out for screenings.