Nervous Laughter // Albee Layer and Dan Norkunas

When the forecasts started buzzing of a potential El Nino season in 2015, Albee Layer and Dan Norkunas made a decision to capture everything on film. The goal wasn’t to throw up the daily edit or WSL XXL submission, rather it was to tell the story behind their tight knit group of friends who have been surfing Jaws together since their early teens.


Friends might not be the right word. Dan mentioned that if these guys net in a bar today, they probably wouldn’t get along. It’s rather a diverse group, made up of Albee, Matt Meola, Dege O’Connell, Billy Kemper, Kai Lenny, and Torrey Meister. In the water, however, they’ve got each other’s backs. Their lives depend on that.

Albee and Dan have put together a film that tells the story behind the wave; life, family, & the expectations and fears that go along with venturing into some of the heaviest water on the planet.


I think nervous laughter is just trying to make light of a serious situation, and that is exactly what happens here before a swell. – Albee Layer

Nervous Laughter  makes it’s California debut this week in SoCal:


San Diego // June 28 // 10 Barrel Brewing // 7:30 pm


Encinitas // June 29 // La Paloma // 7 & 9 pm


Dana Point // June 30 // Infinity Surf Shop // 7:30