Logic of a Dream // Nuno Dias

You can either see yourself as a wave in the ocean, or you can see yourself as the ocean

So begins this gorgeous short from Nuno Dias. Well-produced, with an amazing track from Texas band Explosions in the Sky, ┬áNuno has put together a glorious observation of the of the world we’re fortunate enough to live and play in.


Equal parts exploding, heavy surf and tranquil seascapes, Logic of a Dream was filmed over the 2016-2017 season in Maui, the North Shore, and Nazare. Nuno managed to catch top talent on fantastic waves, including Francisco Porcella, Lucas Chumbo, Craig Anderson, Miguel Blanco, Steph Kokorelis and John John Florence.


I want to see more surf films like this. It’s thoughtful, impactful, and shares a poetic narrative of risk, adventure, beauty, and passion. I look forward to much more from this young filmmaker.


Logic of a Dream from Nuno Dias on Vimeo.

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