Another gorgeous piece by Morgan Maassen. Put together from scraps left on the editing room floor, Morgan has crafted a beautiful essay of his journeys over the past 4 years. It doesn’t hurt that been on some awesome trips with the likes of Dane Reynolds, Stephanie Gilmore, Noa Deane, and Laura Enever to name a few.

 “As lame as it sounds, I was re-organizing the media server in my office, and began to realize how much footage had been lost in the shuffle, and ultimately under-utilized,” the filmmaker tells Stab Magazine. As such, you’ll see locations shot in Indonesia, Australia, Europe, Puerto Rico, and all over California, making this quite the adventure.

This is not just your daily surf edit. Morgan is a talented film maker. His observations of water, from every sense, coupled with spot on cinematic timing and a great soundtrack make us look forward to a feature film by this bright young Californian.


Morgan co-owns a gallery / coffee shop / ‘culture club’ called Breakfast just off State Street in Santa Barbara. They regularly show local artist’s work in addition to Morgan’s photographs and envision themselves a sort of club house for the artsy surfy crowd. You won’t find him there often though. Footage like this comes from a life well-traveled.