Hands Across the Sand // One Watershed

StokeShare, Surfrider / West Los Angeles / Malibu and the LAPD Cadets are joining forces again for the international Hands Across The Sand event on May 20. In addition to the show of solidarity to protect our oceans and environment, we’ll be taking a great group of kids from the LAPD cadet program surfing to inspire their connection to the ocean through the One Watershed program.


One Watershed was organized by Stoke Share to connect inner-city youth to nature through action sports. StokeShare sees surfing as a way to engage young people and inspire appreciation for the ocean. The program is called One Watershed, because everything we do has an impact downstream. The dual meaning for Surfrider is especially powerful.


Photo: Surfrider LA


Hands Across the Sand was founded in 2010 and grew into an international movement after the BP oil disaster in April of that year. People came together to join hands, forming symbolic barriers against spilled oil and to stand against the impacts of other forms of extreme energy.


Four years later, as millions begin to understand that President Obama’s Climate Action Plan falls short if it fails to address keeping dirty fuels in the ground, there’s a rising tide of grassroots activism demanding that we choose a clean energy future over the dangerous and dirty fuels of the 20th century.


The coalition of organizations, activists and citizens around the world bring the message of clean energy to local and world leaders.

In addition, these events will highlight urgent national and regional issues including:

  • opposing coastal, offshore and Arctic drilling, and seismic blasting off the East Coast
  • protesting mountaintop removal, tar sands mining, hydraulic fracturing, and LNG             export terminals

And calling attention to the impact of climate disruption such as rising sea levels, super storms, drought, forest fires, flooding and ocean acidification.