The Coast Revisited // Hayden Peters

Patagonia hosted a screening of Cyrus Sutton’s new film, Island Earth, a few days ago in Santa Monica. It’s a rather somber look at our food supply chain and specifically how GMOs are taking over. The film focuses on the efforts of a team in Hawaii dealing with the highest per-acre planting of GMO crops in the world.


That’s not what this post is about. As the credits rolled, I noticed one of the associate producers was Hayden Peters. I couldn’t have been more happy to see this. In case you missed, a few years ago, Hayden had been told that he might only have a few months to live. In the three months of testing – and waiting – he took off on a road trip. He was trying to understand his place in the world and find a way to accept what might be his lot. He found surfing. And in the ocean, he found himself. It’s a wonderful film that reminds us how small we are and how little time we have and that we should spend it doing the things that make us feel most alive.


I’m happy that Hayden is still with us. Happy that he’s following his passions as a film maker, and happy to share this film with those of you who are randomly wandering the internet today in search of something more.