Chasing the Shot // Zak Noyle

Some of the most stunning images in the surf world come from the lense of  Zak Noyle, a 32-year-old photographer from Honolulu, Hawaii.


Zak was ever-present during the North Shore winter, capturing the world’s best surfers at great breaks like Pipeline, Rocky Point, Gas Chambers, and Sunset. His work provided a window for the world to the high season when professional surfing ascends on Haleiwa.


The son of legendary sharp shooter Ric Noyle, Zak grew up with a love of the ocean and cameras close at hand. A competitive swimmer at school, it seemed only a matter of time before Zak combined his various talents and passions, and sure enough a formidable photography career was born soon after.


Before the northern winter of 2016-17, filmmaker and adventure guy Ryan Moss approached Red Bull with the idea to track Noyle throughout the season. He’d be filming anyway for his numerous clients, and keeping tabs on Noyle and linking up for the occasional interview would be easily taken care of. They were sold on the idea, and the latest installment of ‘Chasing The Shot’ was born.