There are often little nuggets that go unnoticed on the World Surf League website. One such gem is this short piece that captured a moment when three of surfs modern day iconic photographers huddled over their most prized photos on a foggy afternoon in Laguna Beach last week.

Todd Glaser brings a shot he captured of Kelly Slater duck diving under a John John on a crystal clear wave somewhere in the South Pacific. A trip he shot totally underwater as part of the collection of photos for Proximity.



Steve Sherman has a rare and special glimmer of camaraderie between Andy Irons and Kelly from the 2009 QuikPro. Huddled in deep conversation, Steve asked them for a shot and was surprised that Andy threw his arm over Kelly. It was either showmanship or a cease fire. Kelly threw a peace sign, as if to suggest the latter.


Zak beams about a phenomenal shot of Mark Healey at the 2015 Eddie Aikau Invitational. The skis and boats weren’t able to safely navigate the swell, so Zak got in and swam for his shots. He had the view of a lifetime for the most epic Waimea swell of our lifetime.


It’s a great little video, of the real heroes of this whole industry; The guys who capture it all for us to enjoy.

Click any image to get to the video at the WSL site.