Air Goals // Lakey Peterson

For some reason, there’s a misconception that girls don’t / can’t catch air. There was an entire conversation on Reddit about the topic. The men who participated commented that “Pro women’s surfing is at the point of men’s surfing in the early 90’s. Airs are too soon for them,” and “They can do airs but no point in risking it if they can get a 9 point ride for hacks…” Too soon? Too risky? Bitch please… there just hasn’t been a demand for it…. Until now, and Lakey Peterson is throwing down the gauntlet for the women.


In February, Lakey Peterson headed down to Mexico with Filipe Toledo and Brett Simpson with one goal – to pull off a full forward rotation. Easily at the top of his air game in competitive surfing, she couldn’t have found a better mentor than Filipe. Brett’s enthusiastic persistence would be the push she needed to Keep trying.  They utilized the GoPro / Hurley Surf Coach app to analyze her rides over an intense 4-day coaching session. Did she make it? We’ll be keeping an eye on Beach Grit and update the story as it unfolds.


Episode 1 of  “Girl Goes Into Orbit” documents the making of the Channel Islands board that will help her get there.

“For this project we built Lakey a number of standard Rook 15’s (which are her go-to-model), ranging from 5’8″ – 5’10” x 18 1/4 – 3/8″ x 2 1/4, but the model we had in mind for pulling off this difficult task is a board we have yet to release called the Fever. This is a board we have been working with Pat Gudauskas on for over two years now. We did some minor modifications to this board for Lakey, as you can see in this first episode, but we really felt it was something that would fire her up and give her that extra speed and pop to pull off huge aerials. We are just as excited as you and can’t wait to see the next few episodes and find out how all of this turned out!” -CI


Episode 1 How to Build a Board That Flies

Episode 2 A Brief History of the Full-Rotation Air

Chris Cote narrates ‘a little side detour into the history of the maneuver called, variously, the full-roter (a coin termed by the filmmaker Kai Neville) or, by skate and snow jocks, the 540.’


Episode 3 Lakey Gets Wings: Part 1

In part 3, Filipe and Brett instruct Lakey on how to erase a too-low bottom turn, why she shouldn’t grab her rail pre-flight, how to open the shoulders and why a face in an armpit ain’t necessary the stuff of kink.



Episode 4 Lakey Gets Wings: Part 2

The dazzling finale of BeachGrit’s four-part series where Filipe Toledo and Brett Simpson attempt to coach Lakey Peterson into a full-rotation air. Here, watch as Lakey gets closer, inches towards the dream of a well-hucked 540. “It’s all about learning the pieces to the puzzle,” says Lakey.